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About Us

Photo+Film+Design. Redefined.

2009-2020. Benchwerk is a local and international destination boutique wedding photography+film+design based in New York. Our style in photography is far from a traditional photographers, we offer relax, fun, creative, scene-stealing, classy, edgy, photojournalistic, and modern wedding photographic style. An exquisite expression photography of couple in-love through a scene-stealing and stylish captured moments creatively with an editorial style.

We are a licensed boutique photography & design. We are real artists with passion for photography and arts. We only accept a limited amount of events per year so we can provide undivided attention to your event and spend more time editing your photos in a very unique creative style. The highlight of our service is in our digital design layout and unconventional images. We are very innovative in our design and photographic styles. We are Not simply "drag and drop" boring layouts. Our albums is a photojournalism of your event and which maintain a timeless classic and elegant look with an edge and cool twist flavor.

Been there, done that. Aruba, Mexico, Hawaii, Philippines, Canada, Dominican Republic, California, Florida, Boston, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Where is yours?


Chris - Art Director/Graphic Designer/Lead Photographer

Vekthurr - Lead Photographer

Myther - Lead Videographer/Director/Editor

Marvin - Lead Videographer

Ritchie - Associate Photographer/Video/Coordinator

Ray - Freelance Main lead Photographer

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